July 27 – August 2, some news

Eminent domain’s changing role:

Attempt by California to use eminent domain to take private ‘property’ and resell to private owners for a public benefit…
buy foreclosed mortgages from private lenders at ‘current’ fair market value and resell to homeowners at a presumably lower value…a new take on community rebuilding!

The Huffingtonpost references other sources and offers the dialogue re banks’ threat at redlining yet again. Whether it happens or not, it’s another revealing process of how the power structures threaten to maintain their power, their lobbying force, and their partners!


Truth Out breaks down the math on the ’eminent domain’ loan buy-out

Development and dispossession:

Resisting dispossession of land for development: residents who refused to move! What can we learn from this?


Back in Maryland, Johns Hopkins strikes again:

Residents resist Johns Hopkins dictating transit route for proposed Corridor Cities Transitway in Montgomery County.


Urban renewal, dispossession, and reparations?

In Madison Wisconsin residents file complaint with Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice for racist and discriminatory behavior by the city in refusing to investigate an Urban Renewal Project 50 years ago where blacks and others were displaced.

Read more: http://host.madison.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/african-american-community-leader-files-complaint-against-city-paul-soglin/article_58e2cd8d-ce8c-56d3-8a42-ca85189e5659.html#ixzz2ap67LlfQ

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