Johns Hopkins Hospital: a partner in medical negligence?

…with the coal industry: results in consistent denial of benefits to coal workers.

It is difficult to understand how such intentional and corrupt practices could continue for so many years. Are medical institutions and universities so powerful that they can commit medical negligence and go un-challenged by so many? Is the greed for money such a powerful force that neglecting the health needs of so many can go un-challenged? Have we reached a stage in society where powerful institutions are beyond challenge, accountability, and transparency?

Dear friends, read the following links and decide how you will organize for justice! We must rebuild the unhealthy ways power continues to corrupt, NOW.

Johns Hopkins under the microscope after investigation by Center for Public Integrity and ABC: black lung disease consistently undiagnosed by Hopkins physicians

full report of investigation

Organizing Against the Academic Industrial Complex

Join us at 2640 St. Paul Street in Baltimore for an exciting and revealing discussion about the Academic Industrial Complex: highlighting the activities of Syracuse and Johns Hopkins and organizing efforts to to challenge these powerful land grabbers…presented by John Burdick and Marisela Gomez
Hosted by 2640 and Red Emma’s

link to flyer

Morgan State University

How do current redevelopment policies affect the health of communities: the people and place?

Join us for a discussion on displacement and redevelopment from a public health perspective!

Where: Morgan State University, MSU Communications Building, Ruth T. Sheffey Lecture Hall, CC101
When: October 22, 2013 6:00 PM

This link ( Development and health) provides a PDF of a presentation at Morgan State University on October 22, 2013 highlighting the health effects from the racist and classist development policies and practices that have shaped our cities in America.